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It is probably fair to say that most of the Governmental Bodies in Canada, whether Municipal, Provincial or Federal do a reasonable and good job. This Website is not intended to tarnish the reputation of all of Canada's Federal Civil Servants nor indeed all the Canadian residents who are employed at Municipal or Provincial Levels.

This website is exclusively about the CRA within whom we employ 45,000 Canadians. To put that in perpective that is is 1:6 of our total Federal Civil Servants, almost twice as many as the members of the RCMP (Mounties), and 66% of the combined strength of the Royal Canadian Navy, The Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Army.

CRA is a massive & powerful AGENCY of the Federal Government whose POWER HAS NO EQUAL. They have no restraints and are free to do what they wish. This Website is intended to be the the beginning of change when no longer can Canadian Citizens be considered to be "GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT." They should be innocent until PROVEN GUILTY.