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Murder by CRA


This heading is unfortunately not a joke. There have been several reports of people committing suicide because of the actions of this Goverment Department. Let me say that not every CRA employeeby any means is as bad as some we have encountered. Many are very helpful but some of them are rotten to the core.

I have of nescessity taken time out of building this website as Mike Wilson of CRA Belleville has kindly showered us with several more bogus assessments. Bogus, False call them what you like but they are in simple terms Harrassment. If CRA Belleville believe these false assessments they are more stupid & incompentent than I thought. THEY ARE NOT. They are quite simply vicious, Nasty & Vindictive and Criminal. In a word there is a huge ABUSE OF POWER in CRA.

Last week we all saw the unfortunate shooting FIVE times in the back of an alleged suspect (of what?) who was killed. The Officer in Charlston, South Carolina was charged quite rightly with Murder. IT WAS A CLEAR EXAMPLE OF ABUSE OF POWER.

CRA do not Murder people with guns they are much more subtle. They use oppression, harrassment & many illegal tactics.

I hope to build this website more significantly in the next little while so stay tuned...........