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CANADA EH! One of THE important countries in the world. A member of the G7 or G8. A world economic Power yet a country with a CORRUPT Government Agency. THE CRA. The Canada Revenue Agency. Not the CIA. THE CRA.


This website is a truly Canadian story. There are many stories on the internet about abuses of Canadian Citizens by the CRA. Like you; I chose not to believe them or thought that the people involved were Cranks. Yes, we all believe that when someone is in trouble with the Police then they must have done something wrong. Likewise if they have a dispute with CRA they must be in trouble over their taxes.

NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE RIGHT? We all think that way.

However, what we think and what is true is not nescessarilly the same thing.

The CRA are the most powerful Government body in Canada. They have unrivalled power.




CRA are a blight on the Canadian Government and the Canadian people.




CRA can destroy people at the stroke of a pen, and THEY do. No one else can do that quite like them. WTH CRA YOU ARE GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. In our normal Courts system it is, of course, the other way around.

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword. With CRA that is absolutely true. They do not have to kill you physically. They do it subtly. They kill you financially, mentally or physically by harming your health. IF THEY CAN!

The story is a Bizarre CRA power trip and it continues. We have decided to go public with our case. All attachments on this website have been given to the press so none of this is confidential.   These are the facts.

CRA took our books and records back in November 2013 by seizing them from the bookkeeper in Lindsay without even asking for them or even requesting an audit of the restaurants in the first place. They obtained no consent from us or troubled themselves to obtain A COURT ORDER. That is an illegal action.

They took all the paperwork (invoices from suppliers, liquor store, beer store, food supplier, receipts/daily cashouts, etc.) and the electronic books. They did not find anything after retaining the records for three months.... so CRA decided to take the purchases of alcohol from the source, LCBO/Beer Store etc. and then manufactured an average selling price and then stated that for every $1 sale of alcohol there was a corresponding sale of food to the customer of $3.48.

So you go to a restaurant and have 2 beers selling at $10.00 .... Therefore CRA states that the business MUST HAVE sold, to the same customer, $34.80 in food. Outrageous!

So then CRA assesses HST on the alleged unreported food sales ... that is where $71,000 of HST comes from for MacAllister's in Cobourg for just a 1 ½ years. That is only up to Dec 2012... So what about 2013 and 2014?  We had to stop the Arbitrary Assessments now until we can fight this. It is hard to prove a negative of the food that we did not sell. So CRA are saying we bought our own food, put it in the kitchen, had it cooked, had it served, sold it and then took the cash. Who pays cash anymore in Pubs,restaurants stores etc.?

Where is the cash? CRA have looked everywhere, as we have now gleaned from Freedom of Information (which is still coming in), and of course there is no cash or hidden bank accounts. CRA have no support for their ridiculous accusations. CRA therefore had to do something to justify all the time spent on achieving nothing so they have made up these ratio numbers for the Pubs we own.

It is very hard to prove a negative. We effectively stand accused of stealing $45,000 A WEEK by taking this CASH & recyling it with food purchases of approximately $15,000 (per week) from presumably local supermarkets & smuggling this into the pubs. This, of course, would require customers paying with a huge amount of cash & the collaberation of the staff. In 2014 the vast amount of customers pay in either CREDIT or DEBIT cards! Where is the CASH?

If you have any further information or support for us regarding these unrealistic ratios that CRA are using, it would be helpful.

We are building this website gradually as more information comes to light. Please assist any way you can and look at the LINKS. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

John Lee

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