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Our Next Steps

Obliviously this is a serious situation and so far we have not received any help from the Federal or Provincial Governments. In fact the Federal MP for Quinte West/Northumberland County is recently on record as stating "CRA DO NOT TARGET INDIVIDUALS OR BUSINESSES!" Clearly the MP is not in possession of the facts or chooses to ignore them.

The first part of our appeal was successful ( in 2013) and $440,000 in false assessments was overturned but there is still a long way to go. After the 1st Appeals Officer was removed BY SENIOR MANAGEMENT the process has (not surpringly) been slowed down.

This was obviously deliberately orchestrated by CRA Belleville in an endeavor to keep the assessments high and justify their position.  It also serves the purpose of blackening our name and CRA want, apparently, to do as much damage as they can.

In the end our appeals will be successful but CRA are probably hoping that we will commit suicide or somehow disappear from the scene before all their corrupt actions are exposed. 

Obviously there is no point at the moment in fighting this in court.  CRA have their own lawyers and unlimited funds and we simply could not afford the process.  CRA know this, but if they keep making such obvious blatant false assessments perhaps we will find a lawyer to take this on a contingency basis. 

We are looking for support from other victims of CRA and other Canadian citizens who feel, as we , that these agencies should have less power to intrude into our lives.

We will fight any legal means possible to expose the interworking and corrupt practices of the CRA office in Belleville.

In the end we will prevail and those responsible for our torture will likely retire with a lucrative pension to avoid exposure of their corruption publically. 

In the meantime we hope that this website and our press conferences will be a huge wake up call for somebody in higher authority. 

We hope that this action we are taking will prevent the CRA from closing down the Cat and Fiddle and Winchester Arms in Port Hope and destroying the investments and jobs of innocent people. 

If you have any stories to tell we would be happy to receive your comments as only by huge publicity perhaps on television and through news media can this story be fully revealed.

We intend eventually to publish our case and our findings in a Book similar to the exposure of corruption in the best selling work "Thieves on Bay Street".