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It's Bad, really Bad! IN ONE WORD



Suicide. It is well known but easily forgotten that many people have been driven to suicide by the Canada Revenue Agency.  The tactics they employ can be extremely vicious, vindictive and overly aggressive.   It is the type of conduct that is easily defined as harassment. Harassment is, in fact, a criminal act. 

In our case they have contacted almost everybody they can, including elderly relatives, friends and associates and have bombarded us and every financial institution in Canada with Requests For Information (RFI) in an attempt to turn up some damaging evidence against us.  They have failed to find anything. However, this action is has created a situation where banks no longer want to do business with us.  This is not surprising when CRA are making repeated RFI.  They can do this to anybody who has been involved, or thought to be involved, with any taxpayer. 

We have verified, through FOI, that CRA has searched banks for hidden cash and assets throughout Canada, the United States, the UK and such places as the Cayman Islands.  They have found nothing because there is nothing to find.

Mr. Adnan Khan, Assistant Director International Tax Services has looked worldwide for hidden Bank Accounts and Assets etc. and has FOUND NOTHING.

This, we feel, constitutes harassment and certainly affects our reputation.  In turn all this behavior leads to an enormous amount of mental stress and it is easy to become paranoid in a situation like this.  We are concerned that CRA might have bugged our offices, homes and anywhere that they feel appropriate.  It is a constant concern that we may be listened to or overheard and this creates considerable pressure and distress. 

We now understand why some people have committed suicide because of CRA. There is no question that from time to time you feel helpless and overwhelmed by their constant harassing actions.  This leads to loss of sleep, loss of weight, and other medical conditions and you do actually consider, sometimes, that life is not worth living. 

This is appalling that the CRA can drive normal people to feel this way.  But these officials in Belleville do not care about the well-being of us, or anyone else involved in our businesses, or the employees who are being put out of work directly by CRA. In fact CRA are harassing a lot more people than just us because they are creating concerns throughout the businesses and this is touching a lot of people’s lives. 

The idea by CRA Belleville of allegations and subsequent Assessments unreported food sales of such a magnitude that would involve the theft of $45,000 per week in cash is absolutely insane.

We cannot imagine that even the auditors who made these assessments believe the results of their work. 

It defies logic and they make these allegations without a shred of evidence to support their case. 

We believe that making up unfounded assessments of this nature, which involves, not only perhaps the closure of a business but a tremendous amount of time to complete the paperwork to appeal the absurd assessments, is in itself abusive and harassment. 

CRA know that their actions are creating a workload situation which is impossible to handle. This is another form of harassment. 

On Appeal CRA - Belleville  allegations will be found absurd but the amount of stress and mental exhaustion they are causing is extremely damaging to our health. 

CRA are shortening our lives and we believe this is yet another form of harassment.

There is nobody overseeing the actions of these mid-level bureaucrats in Belleville and the Minister of National Revenue has completely ignored both the correspondence written by us and letters from our lawyer.  It is unprofessional and obscene how CRA can ignore correspondence, telephone calls and facsimiles.  They will not deal by email, but if we try CRA ignore any emails we send.

Essentially we are dealing with faceless people who hide behind their titles (which constantly change) and you feel trapped as if in a maze with no way out.

It is very damaging to your mental equilibrium to feel helpless with no apparent means of stopping CRA - Belleville and their corrupt criminal activities.

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