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Refusal to Process PERSONAL Tax Returns

Again, the reader will be surprised and concerned to find that CRA hang on to personal tax returns that have been filed. They seem to feel that they have no obligation to process these returns in a timely manner, and we believe that this is either illegal or improper under the various legislations.

Holding on to personal tax returns has many advantages and CRA do it for their own manipulative purposes. The very serious consequence for the taxpayer is that they can no longer access finance from virtually all sources in Canada. Whether for business or personal uses, the lender normally asks for the last tax return filed and in our case, the last assessments that we have are several years old.

CRA are well aware of the impact of their actions and we have documents under the FOI which indicate their thrill at their attempts to block our access to capital. No doubt we are not the only Canadians that have suffered through these pathetically corrupt practices and it needs to be stopped immediately.